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Dear Fellow Business Builder,

See if this sounds familiar to you.

     You long to be financially independent, but you’re not quite there yet, and that means you’re uncertain about whether it’s entirely possible for you to succeed in this business.

     So, like many other internet marketers, you search and hope to find the perfect strategy to finally show you step-by-step how to earn a consistent income.

     You’re cautiously optimistic. Nevertheless you see so much hype and false promises out there, that it can be like walking into a field of land mines, not knowing where to step next, or which product you buy is going to blow up in your face.

     You want to trust the people who promise you their secret “behind the scenes” strategies that can help you achieve financial freedom. You want to believe not everyone out there is out to take your hard earned cash and run for the hills.

     But still, you have serious lingering doubts. After all: you’ve been lied to before, and it cost you. And you know by painful experience – that if you fall for another get rich quick, or easy money making solution, you’ll most likely find it difficult to trust your judgment again.

     My name is Declan O’ Flaherty, and I get it. I’ve bought more than my fair share of crap products over the years, too. Unfortunately, you and I both know that most of the charlatans out there should be wearing striped jumpers and balaclavas.

     The first two years of my Internet marketing journey was spent sifting through all the bullshit. I used to believe that the more knowledge I had, the better equipt I would be to set up a successful Internet business. I was wrong. Truth be told: the more I learned, the less sure of myself I became.

     It wasn’t until the end of my third year online before I began to put all the pieces together. Looking at it now, it really is a very simple process. It’s not easy. There is work involved, but it is simple.  In fact: “simplicity” is the key component to any successful business, whether it be an offline business, or an online business.

      So, if you have been struggling to consistently make money online, it’s not because it’s difficult, or that you just haven’t got the smarts to make it work. You’re struggling because somewhere along the line, you’ve been taught the wrong things.

     And that’s fine. I’ve been there myself for a couple of years. Unfortunately, It took failure after failure before I started to see what worked, and what didn’t.

     I’ve spent thousands of dollars on knowledge that done more to help me fail, than  help me succeed. And yes, right now, you’re most likely implementing strategies and methodologies that are hurting your chances of success.

     If you think about it; the failure rate in this industry is so damn high, it just makes sense that what the majority are being taught… is simply not the best way to do it. And that’s why I created the training course I want to share with you today. It’s the training I wish I had myself all those years ago.

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What if I could show You How To…

  • Adapt An Offline Million Dollar Tripwire Strategy To Your Online Business That Guarantees You Build A Massive Buyers List With Minimal Effort
  • Position Yourself As The Expert In Your Niche Even If You’ve Never Sold A Single Product In Your Marketplace Before
  • Deliver Killer Content To Your Audience That Forces Them To Take Action (if they don’t take action – they simply will not buy from you again))
  • Outline, Develop And Deliver High Quality Products In Less Than 12 Hours
  • Build The Highest Quality Email Lists Without Having To Twist Anyone’s Arm Or Use Underhanded Persuasion Techniques
  • Set Up Contrarian Squeeze Pages That Instantly Puts Your Visitor At Ease And Makes Them WANT To Give You Their Contact Details (99% Internet marketers don’t even know these squeeze pages exist, and as a result they’re losing out on building highly responsive email lists)
  • Write “Short” To-The-Point, Paint-By-Numbers Reports In One Sitting That Solve Immediate Problems For Your Prospects
  • Write Benefit Driven, Engaging And Super Profitable Email Messages Which Builds Trust With Your Subscribers (Hint: you do NOT need to be a copywriter to create emails that love to be read)
  • Eradicate information overload and paralysis-by-analysis once and for all – and simplify your every day business goals (including a guaranteed productivity trick that actually forces you to follow through with your goals)
  • Generate Consistent Targeted Traffic To Your Professional Squeeze Pages
  • And That’s Just Scratching The Surface On What You’ll Learn Inside my complete “no nonsense” 7 hour video training bootcamp.

  Here’s the really cool part. When you act fast, you can steal my complete “step by step” blueprint on how to become a successful Internet marketer… for almost nothing…

  And you’ll finally be able to hold your head up high knowing you’ve accomplished something 96% of people will never be able to do

Truth is, you may already know how the big players make money online…Success in 6 Steps

  • Find A Market With Hungry Buyers
  • Create A Free Report
  • Set Up A Squeeze Page
  • Create A OTO (one time offer)
  • Drive Traffic
  • Build List

Looking at the above 6 steps you’d think this marketing thing was a doddle.

And when done right, it certainly can be…

But if all anybody had to do was follow the above steps, then wouldn’t everybody be making money hand over fist?

Sit Back… If You Will… And Imagine The Following:

  • Think about having access to every piece of knowledge that an experienced marketer has paid thousands of dollars acquiring… and over 5 years of perfecting… all in one place for you to go through and consume, at your own pace.
  • And imagine not having to worry about whether or not you’re moving in the right direction… and imagine how secure you’ll feel knowing that everything you’re learning is guaranteed to put you on the path to success.
  • Think about how simplified your life will be knowing with certainty that you’re on the right path… and how confident you’ll feel knowing your future is not plagued with doubts and fears.

With Over 7 Hours Of Video Training I Will Take You By The Hand And Show You The EXACT Formula I Use To Earn A Full Time Income Online

  • 27 videos taking you step by step through every single piece of the Internet marketing puzzle that took me over 5 years to painstakingly learn through consistent failures and thousands of dollars of investments
  • I teach you everything I know about Internet marketing, from squeeze pages, product creation, sales pages, marketing funnels, email marketing, list building, traffic, productivity and so much more
  • Although this is a one-time investment, I continually update the members area with new bonuses on a consistent basis. (Video Marketing Mastery is a new complete training course I’ve added to the members area recently, which has over 30 videos that can be watched online or downloaded to your desktop)
  • Videos can be watched inside the members area or downloaded to your hard drive. There are also audio files which you can download and play in your car or mp3 player, plus reports and PPT PDF’s for you to read in your own time.

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Not A Single Person Who Takes This Course Will Have Any Doubts About How To Succeed Online!

I have completely taken out the all the guess work and laid out a simple to follow marketing blueprint my Granny could successfully implement… and she’s been dead for almost 5 years, bless her soul.

And with my 12 month no questions asked guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Now why would I be so foolish as to give such a lengthy guarantee?

Simple, because I have yet to get a single refund on this training course.

Who else can say that about their product?

Skeptical? Alright, test me!

If you don’t think you’ve gotten at least triple your money’s worth. Just send an email and I’ll happily give you your money back… no questions asked. Your satisfaction is my success.


What’s The Insiders Secret To Building A Sustainable Income Generating Business That Pays You Month After Month?

It all comes down to knowing exactly WHAT to do... and WHEN to do it.

Most people over-complicate things. A LOT.

  “Business Is Simple – People Make It Hard” And what most people really need is an easy to follow “proven” strategy that works consistently…

the money map method training bootcamp course with Declan O Flaherty

A Full Blown, No Holds Barred, Exclusive Training Series Delivered To You In 9 Modules (27 videos) Spanning Over 7 Hours That Can Be Watched Online And Downloaded To Your Hard Drive In Video, Audio And PPT PDF Format

Get ready to take notes! Declan will spill his guts letting you in on EVERY secret there is to building and running a successful, profitable online business …without a budget!

HERE are just some of the
awesome things you’ll discover…

  • The Most Ridiculously Easy Way To Discover Profitable Niches With Hungry Buyers
  • The Reason Why Open And Click Through Rates Are Pointless Unless They Lead Directly To Sales (Almost all email marketers are ignorant to this simple common sense fact)
  • Why Most People Don’t Opt-In On Squeeze Pages To Get Emails, But To Download Freebies Instead – And How Using A Trust Building Squeeze Page Considerably Cuts Down On Generating Low Quality Subscriber Lists
  • Special conversion techniques only 1% of marketers use and 99% don’t even know about (game changer)
  • How to research, write and have a product up for sale in as little as 12 hours (and that’s being generous – you can do it in much less time)
  • How to structure your content in such a way that forces your reader to take action (remember – if people are not taking action with your content, they will rarely buy from you again)
  • Why 100 page eBooks may very well be the worst kinds of products to create – and how you can create much more value, in far less time by trimming the crap, ditching the nonsense and focusing on “one” specific problem
  • Why most products you’ve downloaded in the past were poorly written, had no lasting impact on you… and how your prospects don’t have to suffer the same fate (Hint: you need a master template and reusable skeleton outline you can adapt to every product you create)
  • How email marketing and relationship building begins from the very first point of contact – and how you can take complete control of the process from the very beginning (first impressions are far more important than a lot of marketers understand – and when ignored, everything else can easily go belly up moving forward)
  • How you can save massive amounts of time by Implementing my productivity tips that are responsible for tripling my results with minimal effort
  • How one productivity hack guarantees you follow through with your goals and forces your overall results to substantially increase due to compounding
  • How I create eBook covers and squeeze pages for free – and sales pages for less than $10 (very cool)
  • The best way to Instantly generate high quality subscribers without doing any extra work or making any sales (This one is huge)
  • How to send super targeted traffic to your squeeze pages to download the highest quality freebies which blows them away (higher quality report – higher quality lead)
  • How to build that all Important buyers list with a OTO (one time offer) sales page you’re prospects cannot resist getting out their wallets for
  • How to crank out entertaining, funny, controversial and interesting email messages that engage your subscribers and keep them wanting more
  • How “one” simple email tactic actually guarantees you get more opened emails, more click throughs, and of course… more sales (nothing sneaky – and although opens and clicks are never the determining factor when it comes to making sales, your subscribers are going to be highly qualified clickers)
  • …And  I’m only scratching the surface on what you’re getting access to inside this course!


“Plus, These Bonuses To Put You
On The Path To Success”

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“Are You Ready To Learn Outside The Box Strategies And Absolutely CRUSH IT Online Every Single Time?”

Here’s how it works. You can lock yourself in at the special price now of just $47

This is a single onetime payment – you can see this is an unbelievable deal for $47. How so?

If you take action with just 1 or 2 techniques I show you throughout this whole training you will have invested your money wisely…

But I deliver on my promise to give you EVERYTHING I said I would, and more.

This training course can – and will change how you make money online forever.

Having the skills needed to go into any market and absolutely CRUSH IT! – is PRICELESS!

Heck, just saving money you’d otherwise blow on lackluster half-assed eBooks… and saving you tremendous amounts of time – makes this an incredible deal.

You’ll be getting over 7 hours of unique, exclusive content which you’ll be able to act on immediately and make money.

Best Guarantee In The Business

Comes With 12 Month (Yes, 1 Year) Money Back Guarantee

Listen: I don’t care if it’s one hour from now, or 11 months 30 days from now – if you ain’t happy, I ain’t happy.

Purchase right now. Try it out. If you like it, great! We exchanged a small amount of money for a large amount of value. Awesome!

If it’s not for you, don’t even give me a reason why you want your money back.

Just ask for it – and it will be returned promptly and quietly to you. Plus, we can still be friends.



You Risk Nothing & Gain Everything!

Now, You Have A Decision To Make…

To finally get your marketing career in gear, you can…

  •  Get access to this training in over 7 information-packed hours and learn everything you need to know about building and running a successful Internet marketing business…

… From how to set up a killer funnel that converts like crazy and retains customers forever…

… to how to fill it with value that’ll have your customer’s trip over themselves…

… to how to set up email campaigns that’ll make pro copywriters ask you for advice.


  •  You can try and find all of this valuable information online… You can continue paying through your nose for the next shiny objects you already know will fail to deliver every single time…

…and you can continue to create content that just makes your prospects run away as fast as they can.

The choice is simple.

 Click on the Add To Cart below now and book your spot for this exclusive training now!

Discount-PriceOne Time Investment: $47

This is a one time payment. After that, you will be locked in forever… and… the members area will be populated with even more fantastic downloads over the coming months and years. You can be assured the price of this training course will consistently increase over time. Lock yourself in today. It’s a no brainer!

Between you and me… This is THE way to succeed online. Creating your own information products and building a super targeted email list is how A LOT of multimillion dollar businesses were built – and it’s still perfect if you want to do it on a smaller scale.

So get in today – I’ve kept the investment really low so that you have no excuses to finally turn things around and be a success! And with my no-questions asked 1 year guarantee you really have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Declan O’ Flahertydeclan-o-flaherty-pic

declan o flaherty

P.S. The best time to start taking action with just “one” proven strategy is NOW. This video course makes it easy to succeed – even if you haven’t made a cent online before!

P.P.S. Order now to take advantage of my special discounted price – there’s no risk whatsoever even if this system “just doesn’t work out” for you!

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Discount-PriceOne Time Investment: $47

Remember: You Have An Unconditional 12 Full Months No Questions Asked Iron Clad Guarantee